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I’ve made many career decisions in life that I regret. They seemed to be very dire that time and I always thought it was the end of my career.

It’s not necessarily a brutal or big scale decision. It can be very small, subtle and seemingly risk-free. However, even the most mundane action you take can take a toll on you and someone else in your career.

However, either I moved on from that, or just try to cope with it and reduce the effect, I found that ultimately I felt that what I did was the right thing, and the world doesn’t come to an end. My career hasn’t come to an end. It just proved to me that my gut feeling was right all the time, and that I proved my points. Eventually, I think that proving my points was the best thing I did. How others responded to it doesn’t really matter anymore.

I think it’s important in life that you take a stance, in every opportunity you can. It helps you understand others, and others to understand you. They might be confrontational at first, but it’s normal. You might be frustrated at first, but it’s also normal. Ultimately, you don’t want to do things in life that others will always approve. It means that you are not growing. You are hurting yourself.

It’s better to be confronted, maybe hated, for something you really believe in. It paves another way. You’ll find those true friends, true loves, the people who really want to take you in no matter what you think of others.

Things can get rough. It’s normal. Just be you. You don’t have to fit in. You can be a rebel. Move in, but if things are not comfortable with you, you have all the right to pack your bags and move on… or, if you decide to stay and cope, you have a right to keep whatever you believe in, even if it’s only deep down inside.

Believe me, regrets are all educational, and you’ll find it’s not all that bad.

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Reflections on digital product design, travel, food and the in-betweens. Finding my compass.

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