1. They ask you to fill forms but they will ask you to repeat whatever you filled by phone. Including to spell every single name and information they think need verification. Thus, taking my time away from things that matter.
  2. They want to get more customers onboard but they treat customers badly and think customers are the ones who ultimately need the bank.
  3. They say they want to improve customer experience but is laden by regulations and internal politics.
  4. They think the customers are all old and only use tellers and branches to transact. Where are we, the younger generations, positioned?
  5. They think they control the world.
  6. They think they’re indestructible and not prone to disruptions.
  7. They think people have only one bank account.
  8. They think people have only one bank account in one country.
  9. They think everybody is a geeky hacker who will take whatever their iBanking product for granted.
  10. They make you think twice even to change a certain information. Even if you have duly verified that you are yourself and is a rightful owner of the account and money inside it.
  11. They think people who have less money are less important to the bank.

The list goes on!

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Reflections on digital product design, travel, food and the in-betweens. Finding my compass.

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