You Can Choose Your Client

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Contrary to popular tenet of client service, in order to maximise revenue, we should take on most projects, if not every project.

There’s also a tenet that that if done right, you can work with any client, and that being professional means you have to endure bad apples. “As a professional, you don’t always work on something you want.”

While I agree to those in some ways, especially in dire times when you really need money, as my professional career develops I begin to think that in order to succeed you also need to orchestrate your career. If you work in client service, it also means you have to curate your potential clients. There are always bad apples, but we can try to minimise them, or at least limit exposures to them.

I have been trying to find “culturally-mutual clients”, those who share my principles and with products that share my aspirations. It’s hard, and once you put it into reality, they don’t always pay financially in the long-term, but they contribute to a good work.

I found out that scales and scopes don’t matter that much, if both you and your client share the same thinking, goals, belief. Both you and your client should let each others be themselves. Yes, it’s more like dating.

I think you ought to aim for these clients, and do very good work for them, regardless of whether you get paid very well or not. They will be your ambassadors.

Avoid clients who just think you’re a resource, a one-time stop in their life to step up, who doesn’t want to work together. These clients are toxic.

People say we sometimes have no choice, but I always believe that I have a choice.

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